No matter what the time and occasion for the child’s problems, parents should not be inappropriate to increase the child’s psychological burden. And they should not in the education time, always thinking about telling all the knowledge to the children like the doctor gives a maternal lecture.

When you answer the child’s problem should be simple, instead of nonsense. If you have any concerns pertaining to where and how to use Child Sex, you can make contact with us at our own web-page. Sometimes not to let the children thoroughly grasp on sexual knowledge and learning, but simply in order to correct the child’s psychological issues, so that he will not form the wrong perceptions and attitudes. When the child reaches a certain age and raise this regard, parents’ sex education for children with words even officially begins. A two-year-old boy, pointing to the genitals naively asked parents: “What is this?” The correct attitude of the parents should be naturally told him: “This is your penis.”

At this time, the attitude of the parents should like to tell the child where the ears, where the eye is naturally. Mysterious, Porn surprising tone and facial expressions will cause to the children psychologically impenetrable mystery and unusual sense of shame. When children ask such questions, he is not want to know the features of the genital, just want to know the correct name for it.

When some parents answer children’s “source of life” issues, they often find an excuse to say: “You are picked up, and grow on trees…” The correct answer may not make the children really believe that. The problem is that the children feel that parents do not want to let him know that “where am I from” and this is mysterious. When children grow up to seven-year-old, they already have been vaguely aware of some of the knowledge about sex in the heart, despite they have a lot of confusion, and they will not frank and ask to the parents, because he had hit a wall in the parents. Parents lose their sex education to children, and lose the psychological period to help children through sexual arousal and sexual confusion.

While, to answer the child’s problem should be guided by a most basic principle: calm, candid, natural attitude is essential. After all, as children have been not yet ripe, the answer can be simple. The key is not to give children psychological pressure, so as not to cause abnormal sexual mystery and a sense of shame.

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